Apply online for a 30 day visit to Taiwan for tourism, business, visiting relatives or attending international conferences or sporting events.
Requirements: eVisa applicants must have an ordinary, official, or diplomatic passport with validity of at least six months as of the date of intended entry into Taiwan. To obtain an eVisa, you must submit information and pay the required fee by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) online. ROC overseas missions may, depending on your nationality and purpose of visit, request through email that you submit additional documents within a specific timeframe. If these documents are not submitted by the given deadline, your application may be denied. When your eVisa application has been approved, you will receive a notice by email containing a webpage link to download and print the eVisa. You are required to present a paper copy of the eVisa at the immigration checkpoint for verification by the National Immigration Agency upon arrival in Taiwan. However, immigration officers at ports of entry in Taiwan have the right to deny entry to eVisa holders without providing further explanation. Please note that eVisas are only granted for tourism and business purposes, as well as for visiting relatives and attending international conferences or sporting events in Taiwan. If you intend to travel to Taiwan for other purposes – such as employment, study, residence with family, or Mandarin language courses – you must submit an application for a suitable type of visa at an ROC overseas mission. days
Duation: 30 days

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