Studying Chinese (Visitor Visa)

This visa lets you visit Taiwan to join an accredited Chinese language program, with a requirement of more than 15 hours of classes per week.
Requirements: Foreigners who come to Taiwan to study Chinese must submit the documents and pay the visa fee at the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency to apply for a visitor visa. A certificate of admission issued by the Chinese language center affiliated to one of the universities or institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education. (original & photocopy) For information on the schools, please visit for the updated list. Those who have obtained a certificate of admission from Chientan Overseas Youth Language Center must also submit a recommendation provided by Overseas Community Affairs Council. Monday ~ Friday(class hours are over 15 hours per week) Plan for studying Chinese (original & photocopy) Describe the motive and plan for studying Chinese Proof of financial support (original & photocopy) e. g. proof of banking account balance or foreign remittance Other additional documents may be required during processing Ticket, electronic ticket or proof of a travel agency days
Duation: 180 days

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